Regarding this threatened 21 Jump Street / Men In Black movie crossover.

…Oh, I’m sorry: was that unexpected news? Here you go:

In the midst of last year’s Sony hack, one rather interesting snippet of news concerned the possible merging of the Jump Street and Men in Black film franchises. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have spoken out about the rumored project several times. According to Miller, it’s a concept “that makes you think.” Head-scratching hilarity aside, it looks like this fever dream of a movie might actually happen.

Anyway, there’s an interesting wrinkle: Men In Black has a definite Marvel connection.

In 1991, Aircel Comics was bought by Malibu Comics, who they had a history with. Malibu then continued Aircel’s series, including The Men in Black. However, Malibu started to fail, and was bought by Marvel in 1994. Marvel did breifly continue some of Malibu’s series, but not The Men in Black. However, after the release and success of Men in Black, Marvel released a series of Men in Black comics. They released two movie prequels, a movie adaption, and a sequel. Over 13 years later, Marvel has yet to release any more comics.

…will this be enough to trigger Marvel’s magic It Doesn’t Matter WHAT We Do, It’s Gonna Work Somehow – And No, We Don’t Know Why Either field?  I don’t know! Guess we’ll find out!

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Moe Lane

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  1. Weren’t 22JumpStreet and MIB3 somewhat, ah… lackluster? I shouldn’t be surprised, given the current creative atmosphere[or lack thereof]. The bloom has to fall off the rose at some point.

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