The dog that did not bark in NY-11.

Raise your hand if you’re shocked by this.

…Well, you should be shocked by this.  Michael Grimm pled to a felony; and, to be honest, he was not a very nice fellow. During the 2014 election I went out of my way not to endorse his candidacy, and I wouldn’t have shed a tear if Grimm had lost. And NY-11 is, in fact, a swing district. All of this means that Dan Donovan’s opponent should have made it a race.  He apparently did not: with 85% of the vote in, Donovan is kissing 60%.

Seriously, if this wasn’t fertile ground for a DCCC targeted race, then what is? …Huh.  I wonder if anybody in the DCCC is asking that question yet.  Can’t decide which would be funnier: if they are, or if they aren’t…

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