Since @jimmiebjr is giving this 100 word Friday Fiction thing a whirl…

…(example here), I’d thought I’d give it a shot myself.  I wanted to see how much I could pack in in 100 words.  Tight fit, to be sure…

The Ripper.

Someone had covered the girl with a sheet; the blood soaking it looked black by gaslight.

The constable shook his head. “We’ll need the Yard on this one. This one’s… political.”


“Look again, sir. That’s Miss Dennings. They just announced that she was to marry the American ambassador’s son.”

The detective swore. “This could start a war.”


“Bad enough she died. But died from a vampire?” The detective glared at the murder scene. “Americans hate vampires, and Ambassador Abe Lincoln more than most. Has, ever since the fighting. And we told them England was safe now…”

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  1. I was going to ask what time this was supposed to be in, and whether the British police were all that organized in the fifties. Then I realized I had overlooked the word ‘son’. Well done.

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