Canadian anti-Semitic groups to be hoist on their own petard.

What goes around, comes around.

In Canada, various leftwing and pro-terror groups have used the odious hate speech laws to bludgeon critics into silence. Even though many of the cases are overturned upon appeal, the accused is out of a lot of money to defend themselves and their reputation is forever damaged. Now these laws might be put to good use…

…by using them to target Jew-hating Israeli boycott groups. streiff goes on to note that this is actually bad, because even hate speech like this is still free speech; and I, of course, agree. On the other hand, it’s not my country and Canada’s draconian regulations on freedom of expression don’t apply to me.  And on the gripping hand? If the Harper administration starts using those laws to smack the Left on the nose enough, the Left will fall all over itself to get those laws repealed.

7 thoughts on “Canadian anti-Semitic groups to be hoist on their own petard.”

  1. Works for me. I support freedom of speech, but the left does not, and they’ve demonstrated that they will not reciprocate my support for their rights by supporting mine. They want to live under a legal regime in which offending people gets you subjected to government punishment? Fine. I’m done supporting ‘freedom for them but never for me’ double standards. Let them find out just how offensive other people think *they* are and maybe they’ll discover an appreciation for freedom of speech.

    Nah, they won’t. They’ll just whine about how the law is being misapplied because it’s punishing goodthink (i.e. them) instead of badthink (i.e. the hated Other).

    But even if they learn nothing they might wind up impoverished and/or in prison, and if I can’t have the free society I want I’ll settle for seeing the people who destroyed it suffering under the lash they wanted to use to whip the rest of us.

    1. ^^^^^This, just…. Might as well close the thread we’ve got the winning comment right here.

    2. Interestingly enough, social media is aiding our country in the battle against that “freedom for them but never for me” issue. Case in point: The Subway (Sandwich shop) worker; low-life, low class, who tweeted her support for the killing of the 2 cops in Mississippi the other day. She was wearing her Subway uniform in her pic. Subway took a hit via social media, because, while she, did not represent the company’s views, she did damage their BRAND. The worker was fired.

  2. Every time I think our freedom has gone down the drain, I look around the world and say to myself, “Damn. Everywhere else is worse.”

    1. When Britain’s Obama is considered a right-winger ( Cameron) you start to realize how f***ed we are.

    2. Makes me wanna go stage a hostile takeover of some Banana Republic somewhere and use it to demonstrate how the US Constitution *really* works when kept to the Founders’ vision…

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