Ah, the 2016 Senate race. I cannot wait for the Democratic DEEP HURTING*.

I haven’t decided whether this Washington Post article on Alan Grayson is an attempt to warm him up to the Beltway, or else warn the Beltway about him. Probably the latter: you don’t say things like “[h]is campaign Web [site] … liberally uses ALL CAPS, which gives you a sense of what a possible Grayson for Senate campaign would be like” in This Town when you’re trying to be nice.  On the other hand, there is one really important thing that the WaPo should have been mentioned about Alan Grayson, but neglected to.  To wit: in 2010 Alan Grayson had his head handed to him in FL-08, and that was as an incumbent.  Daniel Webster winning with 56% of the vote was enough to get Grayson scurrying for another district.

…Which is not exactly a viable tactic for a Senate seat, hey?  It’s getting harder and harder to find a safe Southern Senate seat for a Democrat these days, you know.  Something about how the Democratic party is increasingly run by people – like Alan Grayson! – who want to douse the entire Gulf coast region in kerosene, and then strike a match.

Moe Lane

PS: Sometimes there is no gripping hand.

*Classical reference.

5 thoughts on “Ah, the 2016 Senate race. I cannot wait for the Democratic DEEP HURTING*.”

  1. I was so disappointed that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz decided not to get into the race. The prospect of a debate between her and Grayson would have been glorious.

  2. Is there some state law I’m unaware of that’s forcing Rubio to not run for his Senate seat & President? If not, it seems a stupid move on his part.

    1. Yes, but Rubio also apparently hates the senate (can’t say I blame him), so if he loses the bid for president he will run for FL Gov in 2018.

        1. and after running Florida for, say, 4 years .. Rubio would be ready to run for President.
          Assuming, of course, he doesn’t blow his other foot off in the meantime…

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