Democrat reduced to supporting the not-David Vitter Republicans in the LA-GOV race.

I have a weakness for articles like this.

Let’s get to the point: A Democrat … cannot win a Louisiana statewide election. Twenty years ago, someone like [Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel] Edwards would have been unbeatable. Today, however, a vote for the Amite Democrat is, for all practical purposes, a vote for Vitter.

…at least, when it’s my side who gets to benefit from the exchange.  Come, I will conceal nothing from you: Senator David Vitter is not my favorite Senator in the whole, wide world. If I was a Republican who could legally vote in Louisiana, I very possibly might not vote for him in the gubernatorial primary. But I would certainly vote for him in the general election. Why? Because he’s not a Democrat, and the Democratic candidate will always be worse.  The national Democratic party is still run by the same horrible people that have inflicted numerous body blows on the Republic since 2007: until they’re gone, you just can’t trust a Democratic politician to do the right thing.

But, hey, make the Louisiana jungle primary one that’s between two Republicans and the need to support Vitter goes away, right? – Not that this kind of strategic voting is likely to work, though.  This isn’t the United Kingdom, after all.