So, why *did* John Kerry pick January 2016 to roll out the Clinton emails?

Basically, the State Department announced that they’d be releasing all of the Hillary Clinton emails that they have at the beginning of next year.  Admittedly, a federal judge is having none of that, but never mind that right now.  You see, Hot Air is questioning the timing:

January of 2016? Could it have come at a worse time? The official beginning of the primaries will be only weeks away, and by that point in time even Hillary will have had to have started answering some questions, making public appearances and talking to reporters. If they’d all just been dumped this winter she might have been able to file any unpleasant results under the “old news” category as she and her husband usually do, but this schedule promises some fresh meat just as the election is heating up on a national level.

If John Kerry were seriously considering another run at the White House I’d almost think that he planned this release date himself for maximum damage.

Well. I have a theory.  Remember 2004?  Remember how, just after the end of the Democratic national convention, suddenly Bill Clinton went to the hospital? I remember it quite well: it pretty much had the effect of sucking out all the media oxygen that would have normally followed a political convention. And while it did not cost the Democrats the election, per se, the utter lack of Bill Clinton on the post-convention campaign trail was certainly a factor in George W. Bush’s reelection, and said re-election meant of course that Hillary Clinton would effectively be able to run for President in 2008, and not have to wait for 2012*. And, hey! The Democratic Presidential nominee in 2004 was… John Kerry!


What goes around, comes around.

Moe Lane

PS: I am not entirely wedded to this theory, to put it mildly. But I do think that it should be noted that there’s no particular reason for John Kerry to like Hillary Clinton. Or vice versa.

*It ain’t easy, toppling an incumbent in the primary.  Although… gah. If Kerry had won in 2008 then when the economy collapsed in 2008 John McCain would have become President – and I (and most of my colleagues) would have spent the last seven years banging our heads on the desk.  On the other hand, no Obamacare, so probably still a net gain. No, wait, Kerry would have made horrible Supreme Court picks.

10 thoughts on “So, why *did* John Kerry pick January 2016 to roll out the Clinton emails?”

  1. Oy. If Kerry had won, Iraq would have disintegrated much earlier, and then John McCain would have gone back in to pretty much every conflict point thereafter, likely including Iran if not Russia itself. Dodgiest dodged bullet ever.

    1. I am not opposed to the rest of the world thinking that a US president is willing to apply the big stick; it does make the speaking much more effective.
      “Nice doggie….”
      *picks up stick*

      1. Of course, consistency in designating who is a “nice doggie” and who is a “bad doggie” would be very helpful – McCain would have provided that consistency. Obama is just like Carter in that regard.

  2. Does anybody think Kerry has a chance at the Presidency? I mean in 2004 he only managed to carry 19 states (plus DC).


    I feel like he’s got all the charisma of Hillary with none of the determination or support apparatus.

    1. Refresh my memory .. did Kerry get aced out of anything by Bubba Clinton?

  3. Kerry did not pick the date. BHO and Valerie picked it. why then? probably to allow sufficient time for redaction of any problems.

  4. I suspect the 2008 primaries play out differently if we’re looking for ‘challenger to President Kerry (gah)’ than for ‘successor to President Bush, since Cheney isn’t running’. Decent possibility President Romney gets in, cleans up the financial crisis, avoids causing problems internationally, gets no credit for it, and loses to Obama in 2012.

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