Tweet of the Day, Try Not To Think About This Too Much edition.

I didn’t follow my own advice; and now my brain hurts.

Yes.  Yes, I know.  Yes, I really want to believe that that’s some elaborate prank, too.  Alas, it rings just a little too true to be anything except remarkably tin-eared idiocy on Sam Schulman’s friend’s part.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Try Not To Think About This Too Much edition.”

  1. *blinks several times rapidly*
    Those are English words up there, but the author does not seem to understand that they do not mean what he thinks they mean.
    Thanks for confirming that anti-Zionists just want a polite and fashionable way to get their Jew-hate on.

  2. “Tin-eared idiocy”…? See your next post, as well. A cynical man might perceive a pattern in that

  3. Costello: They said Newton was crazy! They said Einstein was crazy! They said Luigi was crazy!
    Abbott: Hold on a second. Who’s Luigi?
    Costello: Oh, Luigi’s my uncle. He really is crazy.

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