It’s SCOTUSday again.

Probably only one actual decision and it’s probably not one of the ones we’d be tracking, but: Supreme Court decisions today. Something to look forward to this morning! …Or dread. Dread is always an option.

5 thoughts on “It’s SCOTUSday again.”

    1. Basically it was about whether the president or congress gets to decide what is used as the country on the passport for folks born in Jerusalem. 6-3 that it’s the president’s call, with a Thomas partial dissent in the decision (but not on that part, he thinks that congress can force it to be labeled as part of Israel virtually everywhere else).

      The only other thing of note today was the SF gun case got a denial of cert, with a written dissent to that from Thomas, joined by Scalia.

    2. It’s about a who gets to determine, the President or Congress, if a person born in Jerusalem can list their birthplace as Jerusalem, Israel. They ruled 5-4 that the President makes that call.

      1. .. I’m not getting something here, because that’s been State Dept. turf since forever .. and State is Executive.
        I wonder whether this .. affirmation that State is Executive branch turf .. will affect our interactions with other countries .. shall State decide to start issuing tourist visas to Cubans, for instance? (are they restricted from doing so now?)

        1. Well, basically Congress passed an act that required passports to state that the folks born in Jerusalem had been born in Israel, State had been ignoring this law (not unusual for this administration). Zivkovsky sued, and eventually it got to SCOTUS.

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