The NYT manages the appearance of impropriety coming AND going.

I’m impressed: this takes skill.

A charity administered by the New York Times received a $100,000 check from the Clinton Family Foundation on July 24, 2008, months after the paper endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, according to a New York Times spokesperson.

However, the check was a “replacement check” for one that had been sent in 2007 that the Times never received, the spokesperson said.

…God, these people can’t catch a break, huh? I’ll be honest: it was the NYT’s decision to hide in a corner and go LALALALALA that made this a story. I figured that once they came clean about the timing it’d all die down.  But… this is the worst possible way it could have played out.  Geez.

Via @JohnEkdahl.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know why the NYT decided to make this more of an issue than it maybe should have been, either.  Sorry, but I’m not their keeper and it’s not my job to counsel them on how to answer reasonable questions properly.  So go bug them.

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