On behalf of the GOP, I would like to thank the AFL-CIO for NY-04 and CA-07.

Basically, the AFL-CIO will be attacking Rep. Kathleen Rice (NY-04) and Rep. Ami Bera (CA-07) for the next year and a half because both support TPP. Speaking as a Republican operative, I think that this is a marvelous idea. By all means, Big Labor: eat your own. I’ll happily pass you the salt. Maybe some pepper?  And a nice Chianti, to wash it all down.

Honestly, the only fly in this particular ointment is that there’s a Vox author who’s worried about this situation for the exact same reason that I’m so cheerful about it.  Which unfortunately needs to be taken as a suggestion that there may be something wrong that I’m not seeing; Vox is not exactly what one would call accurate. Or coherent. Or particularly deep. Nonetheless: even if you are an opponent of fast-track as it’s currently being presented it’s still good news when we replace any Democrat with a Republican.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: The Ami Bera thing in particular amuses. They’re treating this guy like he won by ten points instead of fourteen hundred votes. I understand the need to keep united fronts, sure: but the GOP will just take this seat away and not give it back for a while. And the new Republican representative there will find it a lot easier to be free trade than Rep. Bera is finding it.

So, I guess… thanks?

PPS: As for Kathleen Rice: well, I suppose if Big Labor wants to torpedo the career of the physical and spiritual successor to the infamous gun-grabber Carolyn McCarthy then I’m just going to have to grin and bear it.  What a shame. I am weeping at the thought.

6 thoughts on “On behalf of the GOP, I would like to thank the AFL-CIO for NY-04 and CA-07.”

  1. I’m much less concerned about the potential* Democratic in fighting, than I am that the Republicans in Congress are about to buy a pig in a poke from a bunch of notorious con men.
    *Spoiler: it won’t happen. It never does.

      1. *blink*
        Do you seriously believe that Democratic voters have attention spans long enough to remember these ads by November of 2016? I have the distinct impression that the labor unions are running these ads to reassure their members that they need the unions to fight for their rights!™ But a year from now, the unions will endorse the Democrat candidates, because, hey, everybody knows the RethugliKKKans hate struggling American workers.

        1. You’d be surprised, what sticks in a district’s collective memory. Especially when the thing said before the primary shows up again in the general. 🙂

  2. It isn’t just the ads, its the volunteers from the unions. The money from the unions. The assistance with get out the vote from the unions.
    sarc on/
    Yes, yes I understand. Democrats are always in lock-step, always united. They never squabble and fight amongst themselves. They are a robotic Borg-like collective, unstoppable unbeatable. And Republicans are drooling idiots who can’t remember to breathe let alone tie their shoes. They always do whatever the Democrats say because collectively the Republicans have three brain cells between them. They are the Stupid Party because they are stupid-stupid heads and they always, always lose to Democrats.

    Why, these stereotypes are enough to lead a man to despair if they were in anyway true.

    sarc off/

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