This xkcd comic is doing its best to sell me on The Martian.

Or at least convince me to convince my wife to go see it.

Had to do that with Iron Man. “Honey. HONEY! Go see the movie. I’ll watch the kids. Yes, I know you don’t watch movies. This is about heroic engineering. Trust me on this.” …And then she came back, and conceded that I was right. It was a glorious moment.

8 thoughts on “This xkcd comic is doing its best to sell me on The Martian.”

  1. My wife adored the book, and even Matt Damon won’t put her off the movie. I’m interested too, I mean how can you not after the line in the trailer – “I’m going to have to science the SHIT out of this!”

  2. Guess I’ll have to add this book to my reading list. And then see the movie.

  3. I still want to see it, Damon or not. My beef with him in the role is more his general ubiquitous casting and typical bland performance. He’ll do fine, but someone else could have done better.

    1. That might work. I have found that the real professionals, when the fit hits the shan, become about as bland as that can be. Their focus becomes so tight that little else comes out – then.

  4. The book…which I hesitated on reading for quite some time, was excellent! I strongly recommend it. Read it first!

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