Russ Feingold, campaign finance ‘reform’ hypocrite.

Of course he is.  Being in Washington is a drug, for some people: “Democrats expect that, unlike in 2010, [Russ Feingold will] green-light independent expenditures from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to aid his effort. (Super PACs, which were conceived in the middle of Feingold’s last election but not yet popular among Democrats, might also help.)” As the NRSC is more than happy to note, this is potentially a remarkable change for the former Senator, who rather famously told the DSCC to ‘get the hell out‘ of his 1998 Senate race.

The difference, of course, is that in 1998 Russ Feingold won, while in 2010 he lost. It’s amazing how quickly some politicians will reassess their belief system when said system ends up costing them an election. But, to be fair: being a Senator is all that Russ Feingold knows. He has no real existence or accomplishments besides that; I imagine that the last six years have thus been a special Hell for him. After all, when they take away the central thing that you use to define yourself*…

Moe Lane

*Admittedly, Russ Feingold handled it better than Al Gore did.  That’s something, at least. Right?