So… basically, romance + DINOSAURS FIGHTING = Box Office GOLD?

Apparently so.

What do you get when you cross early 90s nostalgia, a “super-dino more terrifying than any to walk the Earth before it,” and Millennial star power? The immediate answer seems to be about half-a-billion dollars.

Jurassic World, despite lukewarm-to-warm reviews, pulled off the highest-grossing global opening of all time with a $511.8 million haul this weekend.”This over-performed in a way that I’ve never seen,” one box office analyst told the AP. “It broke the box office sound barrier.”

This may be the magic bullet for rom-coms: write out your Girl Meets Boy story, and toss in a dinosaur fight every single time the guys in the audience start fidgeting.  I’m not talking out of my rear on this one, by the way. I pitched my idea to my wife on the way home from the park, and she nodded vigorously at the idea.  Added a good wrinkle, too: dinosaurs that bond with individual humans, forcing the Girl and Boy to work together to… we dunno. Capture the old Alpha dinosaur, or something.

The point is: romance + dinosaur fights = gold.  Gold, Jerry!

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