Quote of the Day, It’s A Valid Question In A Superhero Comic edition.

Grrl Power: “That’s why we carry guns.”

There is a Golden Age SF short story on this topic, actually.  A guy lands on a uninhabited planet to test out a fancy new death ray pistol.  Said pistol was supposed to be the ultimate weapon: no light, no sound, nothing could protect against it. You just pointed it at something, and it made a hole.  Well… it turned out that you can’t scare off a wolf-analogue pack with something that just kills them; and in the process of flailing about trying to kill off all the wolf-analogues our hero manages to slice up his entire ship, too. When a rescue team finally arrives, they find the guy in the middle of a wooden palisade, armed with a bow.  Wolf-analogues worked out what the heck an arrow in the rump meant pretty darn fast.

And the death ray pistol? Dude was using it as a hammer.

Moe Lane

PS: Note that the trigger finger was carefully drawn to be fully extended outside of the trigger. Refreshing.

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  1. I’ve heard similar problems of coal-powered* automobiles in traffic: no one can hear them coming so folks step into the road and go splat. They’re working how to make these things more noisy now.
    *Electric=Coal. Same difference.

  2. That link should carry a TvTropes type warning. “Warning! Clicking on this link can lead to several hours vanishing from your day!”

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