Um, Bernie Sanders is from VERMONT, Slate.

That’s where the hippies who like guns live.  Which means that, sure, Sen. Bernie Sanders voted for legislation that protects gun manufacturers against the kind of lawfare that hardcore antigun fanatics dream of, furtively and with the shades drawn.  And, apparently, the aforementioned fanatics are infuriated about this.

Heh. If antigun progressives keep going nuts on this topic, either Sanders will have to tell them to self-pleasure themselves, or else he’ll fold like a cheap suit.  Either way sounds like fun to watch! – Personally, I vote for Bernie Sanders giving the antigun types the metaphorical finger. Better for the country if he does, honestly: the current codependent relationship between the Democratic party and its progressive base is kind of unhealthy.

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: Comments on that Slate article, by the way, are a hoot.  The readership is having none of it, and it seems to be evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. Which, by the way, should be taken as a hint by Democrats: hating the guns does your party absolutely no good. So… please keep doing it, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Um, Bernie Sanders is from VERMONT, Slate.”

  1. Bernie will give them the finger, he knows he won’t be President, and he still wants to have a political future in VT. Him and Leahy will vote in the Bloomberg crowd every now and then, but they’re smart enough not to publicize it too much and their smart enough not to push for the anti-gun quackery that would make them Public Enemy No. 1 to the NRA ( and whatever local gun rights orgs exist in VT) that’ll create an environment so hostile to them that even the sleepiest gun owning hippie would take notice.
    Bernie isn’t stupid, he won his house seat against an R incumbent because said R voted for Gun Control. That was 1990 ( coincidentally Leahy had to fight of Jim Douglas that year as well, the last year he won less then 60% of the vote)
    1994 was the last time Bernie had to fight for his office, and that was because he’d voted for the Brady Bill as well as the Assault Weapons Ban.

  2. My browser refuses to show comments.
    After due thought, I’m pretty sure this is a feature and not a bug.

  3. At this point, it’s just a tempest in a teapot.
    Now, if we had an *honest* media, and if someone were to, say, ask other Dem candidates to comment on Sanders’ position … then we would have one heck of a tea party. Or a mess.
    Either, of course, is fine with this cat.

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