Joe Biden reportedly mulling run.

(Via Drudge) Oh, wouldn’t THAT be something to see.

Mr. Biden, 72 years old, lost two previous bids for the White House, in 1988 and 2008, and he would enter the 2016 contest as a clear underdog. Yet as a sitting vice president with loyal supporters in states that hold early contests, he has the potential to scramble the Democratic field.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll earlier this month showed that Americans’ image of Mr. Biden is growing more positive. A total of 40% saw him in a favorable light, versus 31% who had a negative view of him. In November 2014, Mr. Biden’s favorability rating stood at 35%, compared with 38% who viewed him unfavorably.

When you’re running a referendum election on an unpopular incumbent, the only thing better than having his incompetent Secretary of State be the nominee is to have his incompetent* Vice President be the nominee. Yes, yes, yes: Biden’s a formidable candidate, don’t get cocky, yadda yadda. All I know is, if Biden runs the GOP Presidential candidate will know to make sure to blatantly call Joe Biden on the stupid mistake that he will inevitably make in the debate. And how will that candidate know? Because in a couple of months I WILL BE LEANING OVER THE TABLE AND TELLING HIM (OR HER) TO DO THAT, that’s why.

Moe Lane

*You can either have Joe Biden be competent, or you can have him represent Four More Years of the same. You cannot have both.

6 thoughts on “Joe Biden reportedly mulling run.”

      1. I’d actually prefer him to the current occupant of the White House. That’s an unsettling thought.

  1. Another deal breaker with Biden is the fact that he’ll be 75 by the time the new president is sworn in, and thus pushing 80 by the end of his (very hypothetical) first term.

  2. his running makes Hillary! much more evitable, so i’m all for it. ick.

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