Are you ready for …AMBASSADOR Charlie Crist? (Cuba.)

Oh, God, the Senate confirmation hearings.  THE CONFIRMATION HEARINGS. Marco Rubio can keep asking Charlie questions in Spanish.

This would be like candy to Rick and me and the rest of our sort.  CANDY.  We’d go nuts.

15 thoughts on “Are you ready for …AMBASSADOR Charlie Crist? (Cuba.)”

          1. Wait. You’re not seriously suggesting that ethics violations are a disqualifier for a Democrat in Florida are you? *cough* Alcee Hastings *cough*

  1. I, for one, think he’s the perfect choice for this administration’s ambassador to Cuba.

  2. But thought things were going WELL with Obama and Cuba…could this be the final part of some sinister plan to make them surrender to us?
    I’m confused.

  3. Charlie certainly has more government experience than Obama’s stable of big donors/bundlers. He’s also expert in deception, dissimulation, and disloyalty – which makes him a perfect choice by this administration for Cuba. One condition I’d place as the price of his confirmation, though – that once he arrives in Cuba, he cannot be recalled.

  4. .. Given Orange Charlie’s habit of changing sides, how long before he’s the seventh Castro brother?
    Fidel, Ramon, Pedro, Manuel, and Martin…

  5. i think he’d be the perfect ambassador to the Norks. or maybe Tehran.

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