Quote of the Day, Victories Are Fragile edition.

This here is an important point that can’t be brought up enough.

Ever wonder why no interesting center-left Democrats aren’t challenging an increasingly vulnerable Hillary Clinton? There aren’t any. Nobody. No one.

As Britain and France were bled white by their World War I battles, the Democrats were drained by a series of midterm debacles in which those in swing states were punished by voters, and all but the bluest of blue were cut down. On the altar of healthcare, Democrats sacrificed the fruit of two cycles of party-expansion, the picking of people who could win in red states and red districts, to bolster the party’s breadth and appeal.

Now, I understand that a nontrivial portion of my readership believes we are approaching the endgame of the American Republic.  Far be it from me to spoil anybody’s fun, for a given value of ‘fun.’ However, I suspect that we have at least one last hurrah lurking down there in the crevices of the Grand Old Party, and that the folks over on the Other Side are telling themselves the exact same damned stories to boost their morale that I was telling myself in 2007. And we all know how that ended, huh?

Sure, sure, we’re all doomed.  Still. Heh.

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  1. I fall into the “nontrivial portion” of your readership…though I constantly remind myself of your admonishment that “despair is a sin,” “hopeless” hasn’t left my mind since last Friday…

    For what it’s worth, SSM isn’t the worst, but the implications of that ruling (all-out assault on those who believe otherwise, 1st Amendment religious protections destroyed) and the incredible legislating by the Supreme Court in their decisions – that’s where the sinking feeling is coming from.

    1. “Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

      Remember that our faith is generally backwards from the worldly view. We have an opportunity to be persecuted for our beliefs. High Fives all around.

      1. Remember, although Rome demanded high taxes, inflicted heinous forms of punishment, and practiced things like infanticide, Jesus NEVER spoke out against these things. When Jesus had an audience with a king, he was silent. When Jesus had an audience with the governor, he simply said “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.” Jesus didn’t try to bring top-down change in society – just the opposite. Christians are citizens of the True Kingdom first and foremost. We must live like it, regardless of the madness that surrounds us or how society persecutes us. Like Jeffstag said, high fives all around!

      2. Good reminder, Jeff. Thanks.

        Father Morris, (FOX News) had tweeted on Friday that “legality doesn’t determine morality.” And, this: “It is tragic from a social, legal perspective….
        Society changes with time, but it doesn’t change truth. It doesn’t change morality.”

        On Saturday, being near the Gay Pride Parade in NYC, he was spit upon by 2 individuals who apparently cannot be happy with their victory. The hate is strong. Father’s response, “Oh well… I deserve worse.”

        We can rejoice and be glad and not afraid of the persecutions to come for our beliefs. You’re right, High Fives. We are strong.

        1. If it’s any consolation Lady P. this will not end well for the supporters of SSM or the Democrats. Acat made the point that these types of decisions tend to freeze things in place. Judging from what happened with the abortion decision that means today is most likely the high point of support for SSM. As they go after Temples and Churches tax exempt status they’ll be seen as attacking people of faith which will start to erode support. It’s easy to support something when it isn’t going to cost you anything once the costs start to rise support tends to drop. They’ll start with the most liberal congregations, Hoping for easy victories, which isn’t going to help with Democrats turnout. Eventually the Democrats will want a divorce but there won’t be anyone to grant it. As Moe said “victories are fragile things”. And that will hurt the Democrats too.

  2. For all of those who despair over the SSM ruling I would recommend reading Plessey v Ferguson (especially Justice Harlan’s dissent) and ponder how the majority got to the conclusion it reached with the plain meaning of the 14th Amendment was right before them.
    What the Supreme Court did in the SSM case is exactly the same shenanigans they did in Plessey – reaching a desired political answer that was the opposite of the plain meaning of the text.
    This has happened before, it will happen again because we are humans and rationalizing is what we do and we do it well.

  3. On the lack of Clinton challengers- If she continues to show her current weakness in the polls I expect several Dems to join Sanders , O’Malley and Chafee . Possible: Mark Warner (damaged by a near loss to Gillespie but 10 years younger than Hilary); Evan Bayh; Gillibrand; Deval Patrick; probably a half dozen current congresspeople. Maybe the Democrats version of the Donald (someone like Mark Cuban or George Clooney.) i
    If HRC is not inevitable then a lot of guys are going to look in the mirror while they are shaving and see a potential President.
    None of these guys are as credible candidates as the top five or ten in the GOP field but that won’t stop them.

    1. Evan Bayh is working for Hillary right now, doubtful he jumps in against her.
      Cuban is a Democrat?

  4. The Supreme Court has always relied on popular opinion to some extent, as it remains beholden to The Executive for any implementation. Obama has already come out for “Equality,” as have a majority of Americans, much like Jackson and citizens of his day wanted Cherokee land in Georgia. The court objected but failed to stop the Trail of Tears. “[CheifJustice]Marshall has made his ruling, now let him enforce it.”

    1. “[CheifJustice]Marshall has made his ruling, now let him enforce it.”
      That also came to mind, but I decided to mention Plessey instead.

  5. Per Drudge there is now a draft Biden movement.
    when Joe Biden is considered an alternative to HRC we are definitely in lalaland.

  6. I waffle between thinking that we’re in the middle of Heinlein’s Crazy Years, or in the slow decline into the Interregnum in Asimov’s Foundation series. I’m hopeful that it’s the former, I think that’s probably the best case scenario.

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