‘Help us, Al Gore! You’re our only hope!’ – Salon, and *God* help us all.

I hadn’t realized that the Left was this worried about Hillary Clinton: “It’s time to draft Al Gore: If Democrats want to win, it’s clear neither Hillary nor Sanders is the way.” Salon, of course. Mother Jones would rather have Sanders and Gawker’s too busy outing people for no recognizable reason.  Now let me see if I can read the actual article without collapsing in helpless laughter…

Barely. It’s amazing how people can look at the same data and come to different conclusions, isn’t it? I mean, I look at Al Gore and I see a profoundly emotionally stunted man (one made that way by a domineering father) who received a life-altering shock in 2000 (losing an election that he was programmed to win) and responded to it by first having a carefully-ignored mental breakdown, then by reprogramming himself into a crony capitalist and fear-monger for a neo-Apocalyptic cult that gets more and more tawdry looking every year.  And, oh yeah, the entire divorce and alleged adultery thing.  But Salon… ah, Salon: it sees a potential Democratic Presidential candidate that’s superior to any other Democratic candidate out there.

What should frighten the dickens out of Democrats is that both Salon and I might be correct.

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  1. Al Gore! Because he’s not as old as Joe Biden, and he’s not as crazy as… (sotto vocce: is there anyone he’s not crazier than?)

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