It must be getting to be back-to-school time.

I’m starting to look at all the places that can be properly cleaned once they’re gone. ¬†Vacuuming the basement is the easy one. ¬†But there’s a corner-triangle where the TV touches the wall… it’s a frightening place there, let me tell you. A subtly frightening place.

One week. One week. ONE WEEK… sorry about that.

2 thoughts on “It must be getting to be back-to-school time.”

  1. A 4′ or 5′ piece of PVC, with a little duct tape to attach it to your vacuum’s attachment-hose, can get to some of those “deeply frightening” spots – just make sure you empty the canister (or replace the bag, whatever) first, and plan to sift through it after to make sure nothing valuable/critical gets overlooked.
    Think of it as CSI: Moe’s Living Room

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