Clinton campaign frightened of anonymous sting operations.

They’re everywhere, you know. Lurking. Lurking: “Hillary Clinton’s campaign is on high alert for a possible undercover sting, after several women reportedly tried to bait volunteers into breaking federal election law, according to Time.” Hot Air has more, with the caveat that they don’t really think that stuff like this does anything. Au contraire, says I: it does one very useful thing. To wit, it makes the top of a campaign nicely paranoid about whether the people at the bottom of a campaign are about to¬†go do something¬†stupid, like break laws in the candidate’s name.

This is usually a reasonably realistic fear – or at least one that’s not completely implausible. Now imagine what it must be like to know that there’s somebody out there trying to provoke abject stupidity at your expense, instead of just waiting for some to erupt on its own. I imagine that it’s not a pleasant experience…

3 thoughts on “Clinton campaign frightened of anonymous sting operations.”

  1. we’re all watching, Hillary. seeing, hearing everything. *everything*, even if we have to use the ultraviolet lights to watch you while you… sleep.

  2. Naaaah … What kind of macaca would dog a candidate’s every move, hoping to record some word or action that could be twisted into grounds for criticism? What kind of debased news media would even publish that sort of contrived garbage, if such information did turn up?

    1. some people/groups will do that to anyone that annoys them. as with one of the people exposing the baby parts trade….. Hillary!’s people would eagerly do that, only a couple of orders of magnitude worse.

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