Team Clinton is getting a little weird right now.

Is it just me, or is the Clinton campaign going a little haywire over this?

I mean, yeah, sure, if a bunch of Lefties tried to do a sting operation of Republicans Acting Badly and got caught at it I’d almost certainly go ballistic. But that’s my job. That’s my colleagues’ job, too. We yell at Democrats so that Republican candidates don’t have to. All that Team Clinton is doing here is elevating O’Keefe’s shop by treating them as worthy of Team Clinton’s freak-out. It seems… like the sort of thing that you’d get a proxy for, honestly.

It must be a really fun life experience, working for Hillary Clinton right now.

11 thoughts on “Team Clinton is getting a little weird right now.”

  1. Who knows, maybe she’s right… Team Hillary do seem like a scalp O’Keefe’d like to claim.
    That said, when your opponent is busy shoving their foot into their mouth …

  2. Team Clinton is badly in need of a squirrel to distract the media right now. They may be seeing shadows because they need that squirrel so bad.

  3. She’s actively drawing attention to hidden camera stings?
    Right now?
    Hey, Hill! How does it feel to be a pawn of the VRWC?

  4. Hey, you know what? If fear of O’Keefe actually keeps them from breaking the rules in the normal Clinton manner, then that was a job well done.

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