How I generally react to the latest DNC/DCCC lunatic fundraising emails.

Said lunatic fundraising emails always – especially when the GOP comes up – remind me of a joke I heard once:

So once in Czarist Russia there was this poor Jewish peasant who lived in a rural, poor, Jewish village.  One day the peasant decides to visit his best friend who lives next door. So he goes over, only to find his friend sitting there at his rickety table and reading an old newspaper put out by the anti-Semites in the big city.  It’s all about how the Jews do this, the Jews do that, the Jews own everything; and yet the peasant’s friend is still happily reading it.

The peasant looks at his friend in horror, then bursts out with “How can you read that rag?”

His friend looks up, looks at the shack, looks at the dirt floor, looks at the pathetic candle that’s his only light. “What? I always like to find out how well I’m doing.”