George W. Bush.

So I saw this:

…and I want to remind people of my favorite thing that George W. Bush ever did. This is from when he and Condolleeza Rice went to Iraq to give the troops a morale boost. So they essentially traveled incognito:

Rice and the president wore ball caps; Bush said he pulled his low on his face and slouched down in his seat to avoid being recognized by an airfield guard.

“We looked like a normal couple,” Bush said of himself and Rice.

You want to know what a ‘dog whistle’ really sounds like? That’s a Republican dog whistle. And the sound that it was blaring out was If you have a problem with interracial couples, you’re not welcome in the Republican party. Which, in point of fact, is true: if you do, you are not. And I well and truly believe that George W. Bush said that deliberately. Although it’d be even more awesome if he didn’t…

Moe Lane

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  1. Was that the “plastic turkey” incident?
    Because that’s how that piece of damn-good was sold to the American Public. Just to screw him over.

  2. I’ve read both W’s and Condi’s autobiographies; both have that story and it was interesting reading it from both their points of view.

  3. From the article about the trip:

    “Bush said the terrorists and insurgents were testing America’s resolve and ‘they hope we will run’ from Iraq.

    ‘We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq, pay a bitter cost of casualties, defeat a ruthless dictator and liberate 25 million people only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins,’ the president said.”

    My, my oh my how things change. It looks like the only hope fulfilled by Barack Obama were the hopes of the terrorists in Iraq.

  4. “It looks like the only hope fulfilled by Barack Obama were the hopes of the terrorists in Iraq.”

    And those of all of the “blame America first for all of the world’s problems” types that had been bloviating on that theme for about 40+ years. They had been saying that the uniquely evil USA – militaristic, aggressive, imperialistic, colonialist (and neo-colonialist) was the source for all of the world’s problems and tensions and if that bad old USA could be isolated like any virulent disease is isolated then the world would be fine and all of that.

    So Barack Obama, who was educated into the ‘blame America first and isolate that evil place’ mindset, has been busily isolating the earth’s number one cancer by pulling the USA out of places it has meddled in.

    And the results have been what anyone who was not an ideological Stalinistic-wanna-be twit predicted.

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