Nancy Pelosi is entirely correct: the GOP IS out to ‘get’ Planned Parenthood.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day: me agreeing with the former Speaker of the House. Alas, while the article starts off great with the headline (“Pelosi: GOP ‘out to get’ Planned Parenthood“) it quickly devolves into a desperate attempt by Nancy Pelosi to ignore the fact that she’s an unrepentant, knowing heretic* when it comes to abortion. Such is the life of a Catholic Democrat, these days; their own party won’t let them follow the dictates of their religion and they can’t even visibly show their discomfort with that.

But I know what you’re thinking: you’re thinking, But the GOP isn’t out to get Planned Parenthood! Wrong. What we have here is a disconnect between some – not all; some – of our politicians, and us. As a good, general rule of thumb it is safe to assume that the average Republican is sound on the subject of ending the practice of baby-harvesting for commercial purposes (or, indeed, any purpose at all).  That certain of our legislators have not yet internalized that realization is, indeed, a problem; but thankfully it is one that can be resolved via the mechanism of going up to said legislators and screaming in their faces until they get the message.

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*I understand that Holy Mother Church has a legitimate concern about even appearing to interfere in a nation’s domestic political affairs. It can be honestly awkward for the Church to do that. Fortunately, I am not subject to the same constraints, which allows me to make impolitic statements like Nancy Pelosi is extremely lucky that she hasn’t been formally excommunicated yet.  In other words: feel free to think of me as one of Pope Francis’s monsters from the id.

3 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi is entirely correct: the GOP IS out to ‘get’ Planned Parenthood.”

  1. Nancy will get her just deserts eventually; excommunication would be nice but unnecessary, and unlikely to come from this Pope anyways. and i look forward to a future when someone arrests these monsters for murder. could we bring back the drawn-and-quartered method i wonder? seems so… fitting.

  2. Unfortunately the “some” in your equation are usually found in the highest leadership positions and thus fully control the legislative agenda.

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