Quote of the Day, Actually I Don’t Care edition.

I like Megan McArdle’s stuff, but: what?

Whenever I first heard the word “microaggression,” sometime in the last five years, I’m sure I was unaware how big “micro” could get. The accusation of a microaggression was about to become a pervasive feature of the Internet, and particularly social media. An offense most of us didn’t even know existed, suddenly we were all afraid of being accused of.

(Bolding mine.) I for one am not particularly afraid of being accused of ‘microaggression.’ What do I look like, a college professor or something? I’m a stay-at-home dad who tells people that they’re wrong on the Internet. That allows me a certain amount of privilege, or whatever the trendy identity politics buzzword is this week…

Moe Lane

PS: I will say, though, that Western Civilization would be better off if we started encouraging people to give a hearty ‘Piss off’ as a response to rudeness.

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Actually I Don’t Care edition.”

  1. Why would I only give one millionth of an aggression to someone I dislike?
    They can count on getting at least a whole unit of aggression, thankyouverymuch.

    1. That’s a great answer.

      I start with “You’re entitled to your opinion. I don’t share it.” and escalate to, “This topic doesn’t interest me and I don’t care to discuss it any further.” Finally, “I feel like you are a raving lunatic, and I am skeptical that you have any information of value to offer me.” if needed.

  2. Being a white heterosexual male (Christian being optional) is a microaggression in some circles. You don’t really need to do anything.

    1. Yep .. and be very careful if you show any outward signs of success… being upper-middle-class while being white and male is problematic.

  3. i commit a microaggression every day i get out of bed – i haven’t curled up and died in my sleep like the Social Justice Attention Whores desire me to do, given that i’m a straight white male who cares about his country and religion.

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