Latest California wildfire threatens their wine crop.

If you drink wines from the Napa Valley, savor last year’s crop. You might be waiting a bit for the next one: “Two wildfires north of San Francisco forced thousands of people to flee their homes and prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency on Sunday, continuing a drought-fueled fire season that could be the worst the American West has ever endured.” This is happening in the Napa Valley, you see – which means that the grape harvest is likely to be affected. Or burnt to the ground.

This is also, by the way, not the only fire that they’re dealing with right now in California:

…although I am not qualified to give an opinion as to whether it’s their ‘worst.’

6 thoughts on “Latest California wildfire threatens their wine crop.”

  1. Honestly, this is kinda the fire season in the west. I suppose because of the drought, California might be having a more severe one than usual. I’d be a little surprised if the vineyards had much of a crop this year anyway.


    > Or burnt to the ground.


    Oh, I remember that movie. (Looks it up). Jeeze, A Walk in the Clouds was 20 years ago? …Time flies.

  2. It’s fire season. It’s a bad one, but I can remember others that have been worse.
    But California is self destructing. The fires are the least of their worries.

  3. Southeast of Sacramento, the Butte fire is threatening the Gold Country vineyards which are mostly small artisan/boutique ops (they make some damned fine vino too). We’re about 45 miles as-the-crow-flies from Murphys. We know folks in San Andreas, Angels Camp and Murphys who were forced to evac.
    Even down here in the valley the smoke is blotting out the sun
    The only silver lining, if there is such a thing, is that temps have dropped from 105-108 to low 80’s…which will also helps with containment.
    Lake County residents Northwest of Napa/Sonoma can’t get a break…last week Clear Lake had a swarm of sharp quakes.

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