Tweet of the Day, It’s Really Rather Sad edition.

So apparently there are people who want the DNC to schedule more Democratic debates, because… pain? Pain, and chaos, and stark despair as the crowd looks upon the assembled Democratic candidates and realize that¬†this is all that there are. Anyway, there are a bunch of advocates for this particular Masochism Tango outside of DNC headquarters right now, and this is their war cry:

It’s not inexplicable at all, really. It’s what happens when you’ve been so rhetorically¬†stunted by your own party that you can’t even express your distaste properly unless you reference the Recognized Hate Object. You end up making random non sequiturs.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, It’s Really Rather Sad edition.”

  1. give them just a little push and they’d be chanting “death to America, death to Jews”. or maybe not even a little.

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