A ‘Hardcore’ Review/Trailer.

Have I not mentioned this before? I may not have mentioned this before. Maybe… one of my readers did. Anyway, here’s Robin Laws:

Hardcore [Russia, Ilya Naishuller, 4] Newly awakened cyborg super-soldier shoots, punches, parkours and rail-guns his way through a legion of mooks to stop a telekinetic villain from assembling a world-conquering army. Every time you think this crazypants high-action extravaganza, shot entirely in POV, has gone up to eleven, it finds a whole new eleven.

…and here’s the trailer. Warning: violence. Oh, my, yes. Robin Laws later on described this movie as using Feng Shui rules, and, well, he’d know.


2 thoughts on “A ‘Hardcore’ Review/Trailer.”

  1. I guess this movie is for those people who *really* liked it when the Doom movie went into FPS mode…

  2. I might be more interested if I played a bunch of first-person games. But watching a full movie like the trailer would at least make me dizzy.

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