Supermoon livestream link.

I won’t see it here – overcast where I am – but they’re covering it here.

5 thoughts on “Supermoon livestream link.”

  1. I got back from Sunday’s patrol* and got to see the lunar eclipse.

    A month’s worth of moon action in one portion of the night. Which is good, because I’m a little tired and now just getting ready to go to bed for work tomorrow.
    *USCG Auxiliary on the Detroit River. It takes me two hours to get there and another hour back so I can get my water-time together. (211 hours underway last year) 🙂

  2. And another two hours back – I don’t have one of them there M65-ST transporters. Although Coast Guard Boat Station Belle Isle has got themselves a pretty stylin’* gazebo this year for the smoking deck.

    *Classic reference – mid 1980’s – I’m almost 50 and I’m starting to revert to form in the right environment.

  3. I got to see it to about 80%, then the cloud cover rolled in for the rest of the night. Didn’t really get to see it red at all, just a slight red tint.

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