Google finally admits that ‘Don’t Be Evil’ isn’t really a core value for them.

About time: “Alphabet, which took over as Google’s new holding company on Friday, has dropped the tech giant’s “Don’t Be Evil” mantra from its code of conduct.” I mean, there’s a limit to how many deals you can make with ruthless non-democratic and totalitarian states before people start wondering what, exactly, your definition of ‘evil’ is. Certainly Chinese and Russian dissidents might have an opinion on the subject.  They may not dare to express that opinion, but they certainly have it.

Don’t get me wrong: I still use Google myself. But let’s have no illusions about the company, shall we? And certainly no more smugness from them, either.

6 thoughts on “Google finally admits that ‘Don’t Be Evil’ isn’t really a core value for them.”

  1. where’s the profit in “don’t be evil”? if the death star needs a system, sell it to them!

  2. Moe, I saw that you are aware of the Delta Green Kickstarter. Do you have any opinion of the Battletech KS?

    1. I never really played Battletech, but it’s not surprising that they might want to capitalize on the existing fando GOOD GOD IT’S LIKE THEY HOOKED UP A FIREHOSE TO THE FUNDING AND LET ‘ER RIP.

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