Russia deciding to get involved in the Syrian quagmire.

What’s Russian for “Never get involved in a land war in Asia?”

Russia signaled deepening intervention Monday in the Syria war, strongly hinting that its “volunteer” ground forces would soon be fighting there, as NATO officials warned the Kremlin after a Russian warplane invaded Turkey’s airspace.

Mind you, that rule should be asterisked with a ‘Unless you’re a Republican President.’ But, since Vladimir Putin is not… well.  I’m sure that the folks over at the Ministry of Defense have already figured out how to get in, get whatever it is that Vladimir Putin wants done done, then get out again before their operating forces are all addicted to heroin.


Moe Lane

PS: I didn’t miss the Cold War once it was over, but I will admit that things were a good deal more straightforward back then.

5 thoughts on “Russia deciding to get involved in the Syrian quagmire.”

  1. I believe Putin is perfectly capable of building the pyramids of skulls necessary to create something akin to peace in the region.

    1. I believe Putin is sufficiently ruthless ..
      I question whether he can afford the expense, though.

  2. Perhaps Putin is hoping the cost of a barrel of oil will go up if he can cause enough turmoil in the region.

  3. I admit it, I’m torn. On the one hand, Russian and Iranian meddling in the area could be very bad for the USA and its interests. On the other hand, having Russia and Iran being the ones to pour money, men, and equipment into the fighting here and lose large amounts of all three is attractive. And on the gripping hand having Muslims busy killing other Muslims (and Russian fascists) really doesn’t bother me very much.

    Like I said, I’m torn.

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