All y’all understand that Bernie Sanders is not enamored of the marijuana, yes?

Came up in context to this:

Here’s the thing: Bernie Sanders ain’t that big on weed.

He’s actually pretty timid when it comes to his views on legalization. At least 70 percent of liberals and a majority of moderates have supported legalizing marijuana for the entirety of the 2010s, according to Gallup, but Sanders said he prefers to look at what happens in Colorado and other states that have legalized it for recreational use before commenting on his policy views. He does think things have to change with our drug enforcement, however.

…Big whoop; when it comes to drug enforcement, so do I. But that doesn’t make him a libertarian. That makes him an old dude who has been dealing with potheads his entire political life (Vermont, remember?), and who probably secretly loathes the practice with all the intolerant, puritanical fury of a committed socialist. The difference is important, and not even remotely subtle.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “All y’all understand that Bernie Sanders is not enamored of the marijuana, yes?”

  1. Heck, half the GOP candidates running are willing to go that far when it comes to marijuana, I would guess.

    1. Well, Paul blew it in the first debate, he had an opportunity to argue for legalization, and made the argument over medicinal pot.
      Boulder might be a more favorable venue, but how long can Paul’s campaign keep going?

  2. Potheads (and before them, drunkards) really are not the people you go to for commitment to the revolution. For real revolutionary commitment you need people with the middle class virtues of practical education, thrift, hard work, courage, moderation, discipline, obedience, humility, and sacrifice – including of the self.
    Once you get the middle class lined up for the revolution, you will sweep all before you like a rising tide.
    Which is why the Left is trying to crush the middle class – they know that is where the true revolutionaries are bred.

  3. Potheads are the biggest impediment to legalization.
    They’re like filthy paranoid hipsters. Who wants to be associated with that?

    1. This.
      Look, I’ve never been a fan of recreational drug use.
      I used to be more concerned about drugs like Meth, Coke, Heroin, and PCP.
      I used to especially hate the cokeheads, for all the South American kids they’d helped get murdered.
      Then I found out about the stoners. They are articulate, they are photogenic, but I can’t shake the impression that they are missing something. Perhaps even beyond what we’ve already established in terms of impairment.
      You don’t entrust something dangerous to someone running amok on PCP, because they are trying to rip your face off.
      We trust the stoners, or people with probable long term impairments from pot, with some very dangerous things. These things are far more dangerous than guns.
      People seem to be lying to conceal how dangerously crazy a stoner can be.

      1. I’ve always supported drug legalization on the twin basis of:
        It’s your body. If you want to employ your free will and ownership to abuse it, that’s on you.
        The various costs of drug prohibition are higher than the costs of legal drugs. (Of course, given at how successful the Left has been at destroying families and other social capital, this is much less certain than it should be.)
        That said, potheads suck.

      2. And anyone who tells you that stoners aren’t violent has lived a sheltered life. They tend to be not so in charge of their emotions.

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