Quote of the Day, Denmark Is Not A Cardboard Cut-Out edition.

National Review:

Bernie Sanders’s Denmark love is another reminder that our Democratic friends, who imagine themselves to be worldly cosmopolitans more at ease with sophisticated European ways, don’t actually know a damned thing about what’s going on overseas.

Which is to say: it’s undergoing significant welfare state reforms and imposes a heavy tax burden on its middle class.  Heh. Let’s see a Democrat try to run on THAT combo.  It’ll be fun!

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Denmark Is Not A Cardboard Cut-Out edition.”

  1. The Democrats started panting eagerly when they read “heavy tax burden” in that last paragraph.

  2. Of course, Norway is a petro-state; which is why Norway can be so easily affluent.

    Can’t say that out loud though; might disturb the tourists.

      1. The Greens, in Scotland, are a separate party, if I’ve understood correctly .. here, the Greens and the Left are both Dem blocs.

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