Alan Grayson’s troublesome 3Q fundraising.

This is seriously bad news: Alan Grayson raised only $743K and has $252K cash on hand. How does he expect to beat Patrick Murphy for the Florida Senate Democratic nomination, when Murphy raised $1.5M, and has $3.5M COH? – And the polling isn’t so hot, either: sure, PPP has him ahead… but it’s PPP.

…What can I say? I’d rather have Alan Grayson conceding on Election Night than Patrick Murphy. Having Patrick Murphy lose is just business; there’s nothing personal there. But Grayson? Yeah, Grayson makes it a little personal for us.

4 thoughts on “Alan Grayson’s troublesome 3Q fundraising.”

  1. True enough, Moe. Well, there’s time for Grayson’s ‘dirty tricks’ squad to work on Murphy yet…

  2. on the other hand, having Grayson as one of the faces of the Dem party is worth something too, if only for comedy value.

    1. He’s like a Batman villain. From the old tv series. Call him ‘The Spittler’ because ‘when he says it he sprays it’ the spray knocking people out, allowing him to work his nefarious ways through Gotham City’s vaults.*
      *Dude has Sam Donaldson eyebrows, after all; must be a villain.

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