Obamacare proves that the Democratic party loves the poor!

No, really. Democratic politicians love poor people, Republican politicians love rich people.  That’s why Republican politicians work to encourage more rich people, and why Democratic politicians keep trying to create as many poor people as possible:

The lowest-cost bronze plans available on HealthCare.gov will see premiums jump an average 12.7% in 2016, an IBD analysis reveals. On top of that, deductibles for the cheapest plans will rise an average $420, or 7.4%, to $5,653.

Coming on top of double-digit premium hikes, the jump in patients’ out-of-pocket costs when they seek medical care reflects the difficulty of providing affordable coverage to enrollees that many insurers have said are using more care than expected.

(H/T: IBD) …I’m going to delete what I had written here originally. Suffice it to say that I don’t approve of saddling poor people with mandatory hits to their paycheck AND ham-handed attempts at social engineering. Not my style: would that it wasn’t this administration’s, either.

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    Sorry, I have nothing to add other than anyone who thinks they are going to get something valuable for free should check the back of their ears for moisture.

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