Be prepared for a… shift in the GOP primary.

No, I don’t have any insider information, but the warning signs are there. I’m getting the distinct impression that somebody is starting the downward trajectory that ends with a candidate ‘suspending’ his campaign. When it happens, I suggest only this: let him down easy. If only for your own blood pressure’s sake.

10 thoughts on “Be prepared for a… shift in the GOP primary.”

  1. I suspect you mean Jeb. (Nothing gets past me…) I feel sorry for him: he was never my choice (alas, Rick Perry!), but I didn’t hate him, either. He had that great record as governor, after all. But it just seems like his heart really isn’t in this race, and that he was a better candidate for the 90s.

    1. His whole approach to this primary is just so weird and out of touch. “Hey I’m going to run my more centrist campaign in the primary because I’m inevitable! I’m not going to kowtow to my own constituents! I’m going to tell them how they’re wrong on immigration! They’ll come around!” He doesn’t even seem to get how much of a liability his family name is or why it’s a liability. Given how good a Governor he was, it’s just baffling. I swear, the national campaign adviser corps for Republicans seems uniformly terrible.

      1. “the national campaign adviser corps for Republicans seems uniformly terrible.”
        Paging Steve Smith, paging Mr. Steve Smith.

    2. I’m not likely to think fondly of one of Common Core’s most outspoken defenders.
      Or someone who value me a racist for wanting the government to actually stripe to secure the nation’s borders.

  2. i wonder if a Cabinet spot would help the wounds. he’s certainly qualified on that level. one quibble – the first phase of crash and burn started weeks ago. i think the change was when he realized it wasn’t gonna happen.

    1. Maybe a Cabinet spot would be ok, it would depend on who ends up on top. But I don’t want him anywhere near Education.

  3. I find it hard to care.
    The remainder of this post has been deleted because Moe’s rules say to not bash a Repub when there’s a Dem who deserves it.
    I will say that I’m starting to smell the typical (as in, it happens every cycle where their candidates don’t “catch fire”..) panic wafting off the gutless D.C. turd wing of the GOP ..
    I am hoping I’m wrong, but what I smell says we’re gonna get violations of Reagan’s 11th Commandment next.

    1. “Next?” Certain sinking candidates are already violating Regan’s 11th. They’re just not good at it, or campaigning in general.

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