Tomorrow’s debate: the Jeb vs. Rubio Show.

At least, that’s my guess.

…and that’s bad news for every candidate not named Jeb or Rubio, although possibly Ben Carson would find it congenial to have the focus be on the two Floridian candidates all night. And I’m being serious when I say that Jeb would probably profit from this fight: when you’re in fourth or fifth place, anything that blunts the momentum of the people currently in first and second place is likely to rebound to your benefit.  Even if it’s just having a fight with the guy who’s more or less in third place.

Then again, Rubio also benefits from having the spotlight put on him, and for the same reason.  So… watch the debate! It promises to be possibly quite the scrum.

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s debate: the Jeb vs. Rubio Show.”

  1. I hope Rubio just shuts him down like last time. The Jeb! campaign just needs to be put out of it’s misery. Hopefully early, so they can then discuss actual ideas for once.

  2. I would enjoy seeing him try. It would be an entertaining debacle.
    But I don’t have cable.
    And can easily come up with more entertaining things to do.

  3. Who are these Bush people . The Eleventh Commandment is quite clear : You don’ t do this . That he has over a $100 million to do this, this character assasination , is frightening . I am a Rubio supporter for one big reason , that he has the best chance to defeat Hillary IMHO any damage he does to Rubio is a benefit to Hillary and so furthers the destruction of what is left of the Republic . So I ask again : why is he doing this . The kindest explanation is that the hi priced consultants are telling him that if he can eliminate Rubio, the nomination is his. And that is just wrong on about 15 different levels . Why is he doing this ?

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