I dunno if I actually LIKE Fallout 4 yet.

It’s such a damn depressing place. Everything wants to kill me and I take radiation damage whenever I take a bath.  I get that it’s a post-apocalyptic setting and all that, but… I dunno. It’s pretty grim.

4 thoughts on “I dunno if I actually LIKE Fallout 4 yet.”

  1. Compared to Fallout 3, it’s a ray of sunshine. You can actually make visible improvement many of the places in this game. Even after wiping out a slaver camp or saving a little town from super mutants in 3 it all still looked like hell. Cleaning up a settlement, building better structures and defenses, farming, and getting trade routes setup is like actually re-establishing civilization… kinda.

  2. What Aruges said. A word of advice though, don’t let the game tell you when to make a settlement and when to let it grow. They are some needy folk and running around trying to keep everyone happy was a pain until I realized I can turn the recruitment beacons OFF until I wanted them to grow!

  3. So on Fallout 3, my favorite mod on the PC version was one that just added green grass and other plants everywhere. That alone improved the mood. I suspect something similar will show up for 4 fairly quickly on the PC side…

  4. From the river and highway placement, where I live and work is on the map, so I’ll be curious to see what’s there. All of Mass is much more sparsely settled than makes sense though.

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