Politico suggests Barack Obama take a little responsibility for ISIS!

Yes, I’m as shocked as you are: “Coming just a day after President Barack Obama’s comment that the Islamic State had been “contained,” the terrorist attacks in Paris have cast doubt on the administration’s strategy and efforts to show gains against the jihadist group, which claimed credit for the carnage.” As a buddy of mine, usually Politico couches criticism of the President in terms of something “leading Republicans to cast doubt on Obama’s strategy.”  Having Politico admit that, yeah, this is a legitimate policy of the President’s that he needs to address now is a pretty big deal.

Mind you, Politico goes on to complain about the Republicans, and to suggest that we’re complaining for the sake of complaining. But that’s in the latter part of the article. The part that everybody reads was all about what Barack Obama needs to make an answer for. I’d be amazed, if I wasn’t aware that the man isn’t running for President again.

One thought on “Politico suggests Barack Obama take a little responsibility for ISIS!”

  1. Might want to look at your first paragraph: “As a buddy of mine”… ‘says’ perhaps? ‘Notes’ would probably be more your style, come to think. 😀 Just guessing, but it looks like you left out a word composing on the fly…

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