Your friendly reminder that France does not have a Bill of Rights.

Note that I am not upset, in the specific case.

But there is in fact a legitimate reason* why we won’t do something similar in this country. And it’s that we’re always only one bad election cycle away from having the definition of ‘where hate is preached’ be up to somebody like, say, Nancy Pelosi. Remember what happened the last time we let people from the Democratic leadership redefine terms?  We’re still trying to clean the excrement off of the walls.

Moe Lane

*Well, there are several legitimate reasons, but it’s a touchy subject and I don’t want it to end up with me banning somebody.

7 thoughts on “Your friendly reminder that France does not have a Bill of Rights.”

  1. Maybe I should be ashamed, but I am glad they are doing this. At the same time, I don’t support doing it here for exactly the reason you indicate. They’ll turn that power on me. In many ways our culture has proven to be particularly harsh on what should be considered ordinary of controversial expressions of opinion.

    1. Oh and is anyone else sick of liberals that have screamed in protest at Christian influence on our culture telling us not to fear Islam. I’ve seen some profoundly stupid stuff. One post outlined how small a perfecentage of the world’s Muslims are in ISIS and Boko Haram. Am I supposed to take comfort that a small number of people can cause so much destruction?

  2. And the very big difference is that America is a polygot and pretty much was one, a refugee one, right from the beginning. Whereas France, La Belle France, is pretty much an homogenous society. France can go about and dissolve mosques without actually damaging what it is to be French. America would take vital wounds if it did so without an actual “US Civil War situation” going on.

    Different places and different histories create different societies creating different possibilities.

  3. I wonder what the French will do with the ones who decide they don’t want to be dissolved (which will presumably be all of them). This isn’t exactly a situation where a sternly worded letter is gonna turn the trick.

  4. I predict this ends up in the same European Court of Human Rights that’s tried, for instance, to keep various imams from being thrown out of the UK.

    Whether Hollande is prepared to ignore such decrees has yet to be determined.

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