White House will try lecturing governors in conference call.

I know that they’re calling it something else: “The White House will hold a call with governors Tuesday evening about Syrian refugees as a growing number of state executives are saying they will not welcome resettling them in their states over terror concerns.”  But we’re all adults here, right? We can handle some plain-talking.  And the plain-talking here is that the best-case scenario for the White House here is that they can claim later that hey, guys, we tried.

The worst-case scenario being, mind you, that Barack Obama actually gets in on the conference call.  If that happens he’ll bounce the number of governors opposing our Syrian refugee asylum even higher than the 30 governors (CNN’s latest count) that are opposing it now.  The man has a positive gift for pouring gasoline on fires.

3 thoughts on “White House will try lecturing governors in conference call.”

  1. From your keyboard to your deity’s display device, Moe.
    The only thing that’d be better is leaks of Obama’s attempts at “community organizing”…

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