Looks like Hillary Clinton is buying Ted Strickland.

Personally, I’m not sure why. I mean.  Ted Strickland? What would you do with a Ted Strickland, once you have one?

Twenty-eight of Hillary Clinton’s top bundlers have donated to Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Ted Strickland, with only one of the donations coming from Ohio.

Since Strickland, a longtime Clinton ally, launched his Senate campaign in February, he has received nearly $60,000 in contributions from individuals listed on Hillary Clinton’s “Hillblazers” list, according to aWashington Free Beacon analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

As the WFB goes on to note, the best part of this story? Ted Strickland wants to run on a Hate The Rich People-style campaign.  Because they don’t have irony in Ohio, or something.

Ach, This Thing Of Ours!

One thought on “Looks like Hillary Clinton is buying Ted Strickland.”

  1. we have irony in Ohio. we also remember what a crappy gov Ted was. we may have an issue or two with Portman, but he is head, shoulders, and knees above Ted. Hillary is wasting her money but she has greenbacks to burn.

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