My RedState post on Politico whitesplaining Woodrow Wilson.

Found here. Short version: …come, I will conceal nothing from you. ¬†Sometimes you really do see an obnoxious white person condescendingly explain to black people why said black people shouldn’t actually believe their own lying eyes. It doesn’t happen as often as the microaggression crowd pretends that it does, but it does happen. ¬†And it happened at Politico.

3 thoughts on “My RedState post on Politico whitesplaining Woodrow Wilson.”

    1. I don’t like #BlackLivesMatter. Their actions and intent simply can not and will not influence the behavior of peace officers for the better.
      There absolutely is reason to think that governmental force might be used to murder the innocent. The founders expected it, it has happened many times in our history, and I am deeply suspicious of LBJ’s Great Society.

  1. In Arkansas during October of 1919, feds under Wilson participated in the massacre of around a hundred minorities.
    I don’t object to correcting his reputation.
    I do object to the way the most outspoken advocates are picking and choosing, carefully shielding those whose reputations they still need.

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