NYC Councilman proposes rules to cull bicyclists from the gene pool.

At least, that’s how it sounds to me: “Big Apple bicyclists would be allowed to cruise through red lights and stop signs after merely slowing down and looking both ways, under a proposed bill by a city councilman.”  It sounds very, very Darwinian: admittedly, nobody can drive very fast in NYC, but mass is mass.  And when a bike and rider meet a car, it’s typically the bike and rider that suddenly, and temporarily, go airborne.

Moe Lane

PS: Car accidents are traumatic. Also, somebody has to clean that stuff up afterward.

4 thoughts on “NYC Councilman proposes rules to cull bicyclists from the gene pool.”

  1. Well, since they often go through stop signs and lights without bothering to even slow down, I’m not sure what this law will accomplish.

  2. Boise ID has this bike law. They also have ghost bikes (bikes painted white) chained at intersections where these spandex/space helmeted nitwits proved Darwin theory.

  3. I remember reading somewhere that 99 percent of all car-bicycle accidents result in injury for the bicyclist.
    The other 1 percent? Those result in the death of the bicyclist.

  4. Since cyclists generally ignore the rules of the road anyway…
    Not a big deal. We just get further evidence that smugness doors not provide armor.
    (Don’t get me wrong, out of necessity my primary means of transportation was a bicycle for several years. I get it. It sucks to lose momentum you’ve worked hard to attain. Shortcuts are awfully tempting. And sidewalks as useful as roads. But you lose sight of your own vulnerability at your own risk. You’re moving at speeds the human body was not designed for, on an unstable contraption.)

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