Shocker*: Senate uninterested in limiting self-defense in response to terrorist attack.

Seriously, Democrats? Seriously? “Several gun control measures failed in the Senate Thursday afternoon, just one day after a mass shooting in California left 14 people dead and more than 20 injured.” Yes, by all means: let us take the guns out of the hands of people who would actually follow stupid Democratic-inspired gun control laws and leave them in the hands of people who would not. ┬áThat sounds brilliant. ┬áBRILLIANT.

Swear to God, there’s something about a hardcore gun-control position that causes neurological damage.

Moe Lane

PS: Having that five seat buffer in the Senate means that I can stay phlegmatic about Republican Senators who need local cover. Besides, it’d never would have passed the House anyway.

*This not actually a shocker.

One thought on “Shocker*: Senate uninterested in limiting self-defense in response to terrorist attack.”

  1. I am want to believe that neurological damage causes hardcore gun-control positions. Kinda like leaving lights on because you are irrationally being afraid of shadows in your bedroom because they look scary, all scary-looking guns and “assault-style” weapons need to be “controlled.” There are drugs to control those types of neurosis.
    “Scary-looking” you ask? You know, only the ones that use bullets, or have magazines, triggers, pistol grips, chrome barrels, blued barrels, single-barrel, double-barrel, over-and-under, semi-auto, lever-action, pump-action, single-action, double-action, silencers, flash suppressors, choked, not choked, rifled, smooth-bore, large, small, concealed, open-carried, loud, poly-carbonate, collapsible stock, wood stock, iron-sighted, laser-sighted, scope-sighted, or tactically-sighted.
    Get rid of all those “scary” characteristics and you are free to own all the guns you want.

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