Tweet of the Day, @presjpolk Did Not Oversell This edition.

The soundtrack is almost perfect in its timing. Seriously, it’s the kind of soundtrack where you go Omigod omigod this is perfect music and then you make people listen to it and then you go See? SEE? and then the other person goes Wow and then you go I know, right? Or something like that.

Frankly, I would have run at about thirty seconds in. But then, I’m an apex predator and felis catus is not.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, @presjpolk Did Not Oversell This edition.”

  1. That was pure genius. Seriously, the individual who put the music to that should be in Hollywood scoring films yesterday. 😀

    P.S. WTF was with those birds?!? Wildest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile.

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