7 thoughts on “In the Mail: ‘War of the Worlds: The Anglo-Martian War of 1895.’”

  1. I recall seeing a game system called “Space: 1899” but I never bought any part of it because money was tight.** Is this anything like that (I did peek at some of the modules which was all Jules Verne + Victorian Imperialism + H.G. Wells. Steampunk before that was a word.)
    **(I got out of Michigan State with dad only paying for half a year. Most of my earnings were already earmarked.)

    1. I never played the RPG, but I did play quite a bit of the board game that went along with it: “Sky Galleons of Mars”.

      1. I figured you might well have it.Now, if only there were an In Nomine cross-over…

        Speaking on IN, I found an amazing site (https://liberneglecta.wordpress.com/) that’s got me thinking about playing again. I can’t imagine that we don’t know the author from the old mailing list, but I’m not sure who he is.

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