WFB: Planned Parenthood in Ohio caught dumping babies in landfills.

Elections matter: “All three Planned Parenthood facilities in Ohio disposed of aborted fetuses in landfills, thereby violating state code, the attorney general announced Friday.”  The attorney general in question (Mike DeWine) went looking for any indication that Planned Parenthood facilities in Ohio sold harvested baby parts; thankfully, he didn’t find any evidence that it was happening in his state.  What DeWine did find, however, was that Planned Parenthood was illegally dumping aborted babies in landfills – and possibly lying to the disposal companies about it, although I’d take that quick denial from at least one disposal company in question with a grain of salt.

If you watch the WFB video of local news at the link, you’ll see that the magic word ‘injunction’ was used.  Live by the regulatory state, die by it, ye Democrats.  And maybe you should do due diligence before you start dumping aborted babies in landfills, hey?

2 thoughts on “WFB: Planned Parenthood in Ohio caught dumping babies in landfills.”

  1. Soon we’ll hear from #ppsellsbabyparts that it’s a partisan witch hunt and the evidence was edited or simply created out of nothing.

  2. I imagine all of those companies are just super about bio-hazards being handled by their employees without any warning….

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